Read Harcourt Horizons, pages 188 - 207

Chapter 5 - The New England Colonies
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The Plymouth Pilgrims


Watch each video and use them to review

Introduction to the New England Colonies (Calvinist Puritans)

Mr. Striplin - The New England Colonies

Mr. Zoller - The New England Colonies

History Illustrated: The New England Colonies

King Philip's War (Metacomet's War)

King Philip's War

Colonial King Philip's War part 1

Colonial King Philip's War part 2

A Whaling Voyage - New Bedford Whaling Museum

The Atlantic Slave Trade

Slave Trade Triangular Slave Routes

The Slave Trade - Crash Course History

The Salem Witch Trials of 1692

The Story of The Witch Hunt

What Caused the Salem Witch Trials?

Salem Witch Trials: The Execution of 19 Witches

The First Thanksgiving Story

History of Thanksgiving - The History Channel

Bet You Didn't Know - Thanksgiving History

History of Thanksgiving Day by Studies Weekly

The Truth About Thanksgiving

(An historic analysis including some controversial viewpoints)

Plimoth Plantation: Virtual Field Trip

Jumpstarts and Class Work

Activity Book page 44

Activity Book page 45


Ch.5 Lesson 1 Review Questions

Squanto Biographical Reading, part 1

Squanto Biographical Reading, part 2

Activity Book page 46

Activity Book page 47

Ch.5 Lesson 2 Review Questions

Activity Book page 48

Activity Book page 49

Ch.5 Lesson 3 Review Questions

New England Colonies Word Search Puzzle

Activity Book page 50

Activity Book page 51

Activity Book page 52

Activity Book page 53

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